Massage Relaxation

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  • Model: MW-906
  • Applicable parts: legs, buttocks, neck, head, waist, back, feet
  • Additional features: built-in speakers
  • Massage principle: air pressure, magnetic, heat, vibration
  • Massage techniques: massage, stretching, kneading, shiatsu
  • Number of airbags: 31 (inclusive) -60 (including)
  • Massage chair / sofa function: massage strength adjustment
  • Physical therapy classification: magnetic therapy
  • Guide type: straight guide
  • Movement type: multi-point massage
  • Shoulder Massage: Installed Shoulder Massage
  • Whether it is intelligent control: yes
  • Foot massage: roller massage
  • Arm massage: U-arm airbag
  • Buttocks massage: vibration and balloon clip hip massage
  • Whether the foot can be accommodated: No
  • Rated operating time: 15min
  • Incline Range: 95-145 degree
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 150W
  • Color: light brown
  • Gross weight: 85kg
  • Net weight: 75kg
  • Flat size (LxWxH): 180cm x 75cm x 79cm
  • Sitting size (LxWxH): 120cm x 75cm x 115cm
  • Packaging size (LxWxH): 122cm x 79cm x 84cm

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