WNQ 3618 A – Elliptical Cross Trainer

 75,000.00  70,000.00

  • Handle Heart Test Sensor
  • Excellent for complete upper/lower body exercise
  • Large Computer display


Elliptical Cross Trainer

Looking For Best Elliptical Cross Trainer for Home? We have WNQ 3618A.

Elliptical Cross Trainer

Elliptical is ideally used to stimulate walking exercises without straining the knee joints.
At the same time, it facilitates toning overall leg and arm muscles, which leads to weight loss. This machine comes with a heart sensor to monitor your heart rate. Its large display screen allows you to monitor your progress as you progress in your exercise machine. Ellipticals are great to use at home or at a professional gym/fitness center.

Elliptical Cross Trainer Description

1.   Intelligent large window computer displaying workout, exercise program to help you select the exercise way suitable for you


2.   Humanism design, with 17 running programs: one heart rate test program, 1 manual adjusting program, 6 preset program


3.   4 heart-rate value control program, 4 customer-made program


4.   Convenient resistance adjustment: adopt flexible electronic control motor to adjust the magnet-resistance system, with inner magnetism wheel


5.   Frame adopts the ellipse steel tube, more solid, reliable and streamlines sculpt more elegant


6.   External power supply, more energy-saving and environment-friendly, use balance weight stack footplate, you will be more relaxed and safe


7.  All rotating part adopt the imported bearing, use balance weight stack footplate, you will be more relaxed and safe


8.  The front moving wheel setting, it can be easily removed


9. Three levers pedal adjustment


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