KL 901 -DY


DC Motor:2.0HP
Speed Range:1-14km/h
Incline Range:two levels
Running Surface:122*42cm
Max. Load:120kg
Product Dimensions:163*73*128cm
N.W:52kg G.W:62kg

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¨ DC Motor: DC 2.0HP
¨ Speed Range: 1.0-14 km/h
¨ Manual Incline Range: two levels
¨ Humanity safe protection device
¨ Trendy and stylish appearance, giving the product
a look of both power in overall and delicacy in
¨ High sensitive hand pulse, speed control and
incline control in handrail
¨ LCD display with blue background; Preset 15
intelligent running programs
¨ Bracket for IPAD on console
¨ High-power Hi-Fi system and MP3 audio input
¨ Applicable for wider voltage range by using
transformerless electronic control technology
¨ Low speed starting at 0.5km/h
¨ Brand new and comfortable double-layer running
deck with multilayer shock absorption device
¨ Hydraulic folding with lock device

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Weight 62 kg


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